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Lowfloor midibus

Hermann Automotive Engineering took a major role in the development of this unique midibus.

the vehicle is based on a front wheel drive unit of a Volkswagen T5 and a chassis and rear suspension of our own design. the GVW was raised to 5 tons by redesingning the brake system , thus making it one of the only front wheel drive 5 tons vehicles in the world. 

The vehicle 

  • Granted full European homologation by RDW 
  • VW tested the vehicle and gave 2 years warranty for the drive train 
  • Vehicle in service in Israel and in Europe

HAE activity in the project

  • Project management 
  • Integral chassis design 
  • Rear independent suspension design 
  • Rear system and ABS modification 
  • Full European homologation 
  • Work in Close contact with VW Hannover Nutzfahrzeuge 
  • Israelis homologation 
  • Production files 

The testing we performed included 

  • Strain gauge measurement to chassis and suspension 
  • Measurement while driving on bumpy road 
  • Stability and ride comfort testing 
  • Brake testing 
  • Gearbox temperature testing 
  • Road endurance testing 

Finite element Analysis included: 

  • Stress and deflection analysis using Nastran 
  • 4 static loading cases 
  • Chassis flexibility calculation 
  • Dynamic analysis using Dytran used to receive ECE R66 certificate