About Us

Established 2004, we provide automotive design development and consultancy services. We perform “turn key” projects in the fields of automotive development and capital equipment and own development of innovative solutions.

About Dan Hermann

As part of Dan's philosophy of excellence he has worked hard to become a high quality professional automotive engineer, Identifying three building blocks: Engineering, Mechanics and Driving combined with the management point of view to complete my skills. 
My personal compliance with these criteria is evident by:
  • Engineering: The wide variety of automotive engineering projects performed with in the last twenty years, and the automotive post graduate studies at Cranfield University.
  • Mechanics: Being professionally in charge of a team of mechanics. Taking courses in mechanics given by the vehicle importer service dept. And of course, getting his hands greasy with jobs varying from complete engine overhaul and porting, to simple engine tuning.
  • Driving: Dan's approach to driving hasn't been any different. He took a rally-driving course at GET in France 1987. Competed in a few rallies in Israel and in a karting league. More importantly, participated in and performed test drives that taught him how to translate drive "feel" into engineering terms.
The cement that glues the three bricks together is the endless enthusiasm and passion Dan has for cars and racing.
  • Management: The more Dan's career progressed the more he was managing. Always Thriving to improve and innovate in any position he take. Wanting to complement his experience as a manager Dan has taken a course for a degree of Master of entrepreneurial and innovation.

Skills, Knowledge, Experience 

My success with these tasks was underpinned by skills acquired in managing an R&D project: determining customer’s requirement and technical concept early as possible, determining the work process in an undetermined environment and leading it to sucess.


  • M.Sc. in Automotive Engineering from Cranfield university, England, 1994
  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1988
  • Certificate in business entrepreneurship from Swinborne University, Melborne, Australia, 2006
  • Certified mechanic with a license to run a garage from the Israeli MOT.
  • Graduate of rally and racing driving school in Bordeaux, France